Tuesday, 17 June 2014

From The Diary of a Fortune Teller

- An Excerpt from the life of Kamakshi - A Fortune Telling Parrot

Ah... aah... (Yawn)...So Boring !!!
                  How good it would have been to just fly over those mighty gushing waves!!.. taking in all the blue beneath!!! Sigh ...!!! 

OK. No regrets... I can at least see the deep blue sea, with the waves roaring and crashing against the big rocks, sprinkling frothy white water all over and smell the liberating salty air, everyday just sitting inside my cage. I can even get out once a while to stretch myself, to get the cards, of course for those curious tourists who want to check their future.

                Lo! Here comes another group and hurray!!!  time to get out. So, now what... OK, Master wants me to pick a card for this small boy here. Oh!! look at him.. SO naughty!!! .. Is he a monkey or what, jumping and running around? Can't he just stay still for a moment!  Hmm..wait.... What card should i pick for him... not this .. not this too... hm-mm.... 
  Ah, let him have this card. Oh God! Really Wish it would tell his future..

Hmm..good.. it seems master has got a whiff of this monkey boy's future. Let me move around a bit while he reads it.

W ha!!! what is this boy trying to do to me... He wants to touch me.. oh no!.. he wants to pull my wings.. Go Away !! No No!!! Bad Boy.. Oh Boy! Why are you trying to poke my eyes?? ..Oh..k.. oh..k.. this is fine.. he is just caressing me.. its really feeling good now.. Oh WOW!  he is just offered me a piece of Channa.. Ya give give !! Thank you soo much.... 

Ooh!! Ouch !!its a bit hot ... will hold it with my feet and eat.. Hmm...yum..mm.. Yummy...!!! I like it and I like the boy. Think he is not bad after all... 


  1. That is quite a nice read. Happy to see you in this space. It has been long..how you doing? --- Viji