Monday, 11 November 2013

The AD Effect !!

- An Exemplar of the Influence of Ads on Human Minds....

Abi and Me watching TV, when a series of jewellery ads come one after the other.There were about 4 or 5 ads in all.

FYI both mom and kid like to play a game ( with the jewellery ads) of guessing the brand before they say the name.

Game results and comments

Ad 1 :-   Abi wins. Abi liked all the jewellery except the bangles ..
Ad 2 :-   Me guessed right but Abi wins. No Bad comments at least..
Ad 3 :-  Abi wins.. i try to argue with him.. that i too was correct ..Sigh!! Master did not like the ad ..The ad seemed a bit substandard for me too..
Ad 4:-   Again Abi wins ..this time even before the ad starts !!!  No point in me arguing so kept quiet..This one was an ad endorsed by his favorite macho hero.. so i stood no chance...

I with all the crookedness to catch my kid offgaurd and test him on his motherly affections:- Baby.. come on tell me, when you grow up.. what jewellery will you buy me from which store..?

Abi:- I will buy you a diamond mamma..(NO jewellery only the stone...  :P )

Me prompting him with options:- what jewellery my dear.. (bangle, necklace, earrings..) and From which store.. (store1, store2, store3, store 4)

Abi:- ONLY the STONE mamma.. a BIG one ..(Then without a second thought on the store!!!) NOT from store 3 anyways.. its not good... MAY be from store 4 (:P)                                                            
  An epilogue 

After a round of scolding from me at night,
Abi to Me :- I am NOT going to buy you ANYTHING from ANY STORE..
" For all my chicanery.... Simply Caught OFFGaurd !!! :(  "