Tuesday, 15 May 2018

A word for the star

A word for the star  - who is so afar..

For me, you are the distant star,
Smiling from the skies afar.
Always there to guide me right,
Brightening life With kindly light.

I can feel the love unbound;
All I can do is to let rebound;

I always want to be there for you.
But never can I be with you.
I may say I want you dear;
But never can I own you more;

You are the one I look up for,
Sharing merry, and the worry.
I do probe a lot on you,
Never to dare be nearby you;

It's a promise, I make for you,
A piece of mine is all for you.
While I remain the star gazer,
From land afar with unbound care.

May The Power, let you shine,
For time eternal ever so bright.
I want to see you in my skies,
Shining bright when it is dark.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Silence - By Choice

Silence - my choice

The intense urge,
To be silent:
The choice, to respond not ;
Or to post;

May it be right or wrong,
The assertions and negations,
Endless debates and the truths,
Opinions and the blabber;

The world is full of noise,
Both real and virtual!

It makes me much tired,
To voice my own mind.
Then I think, of the why;
To just get more likes and wows?
If not for yet another,
Noisy debate?

My voice is mine; my life too.
And I choose it stay with me.
No bother if another agree,
No bother if they don't.

Let the world be at peace.
Let the silence be in reign !

Monday, 12 February 2018

The Happy Cheeks

              The Happy Cheeks

They tend to glow of ecstasy !
To have got streak- ridden finally ;

To have seen the broad daylight,
When hopes were none so murky bright.
Getting to bathe, in the warm sunlight ;
And breathe in, as much as air it might ;

Flaunting it's tanfree self with pride ;
Glowing and shining in all delight.
Reminding it did exist after all ;
Beneath the streaks to be found by all.

They tend to glow of ecstasy,
To have got streak- ridden finally!

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Song of a Mother

- to both my kids

Wish the time stand still for me,
Like it used to be when young;

Not to win a single day,
Of Nostalgic old memories.
Nor for fear of growing grey,
Or for that of the mystic black.
Never again for a cup of tea,
With time forgotten kith or kin.

But to get a moment more,
With you my child just as you are;

Not a moment older or,
Not a moment younger.
To take in more and more of you,
Watch and sense the most of you.
To be with you dear all the time,
Just as precious as you are.

Wish the time stand still for me,
Just to watch you as you are !!

A Fan girl's Misery

A fan girl's Misery

As the aura shines so bright,
Addicted to you , your thoughts and words;
The trained mind calls against,
The heart doesn't want to though;

Fascinating as that you are,
Long to spend some time with you;
Knowing for sure , that words would fail,
Making complete fool of self;

Miserable is a fan girl's mind!
So Overwhelmed but short of words;
If at all I see you once,
I can just smile and greet:

The trained mind would just be happy,
To see me thus with modesty;
But the heart would still be flying around,
To blabber a million unsaid things.

All I can do is wish you well, cheer you well,
Hug u , well in dreams ;
And sure be excited for all your works,
And see you spread your wings !

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

From The Diary of a Fortune Teller

- An Excerpt from the life of Kamakshi - A Fortune Telling Parrot

Ah... aah... (Yawn)...So Boring !!!
                  How good it would have been to just fly over those mighty gushing waves!!.. taking in all the blue beneath!!! Sigh ...!!! 

OK. No regrets... I can at least see the deep blue sea, with the waves roaring and crashing against the big rocks, sprinkling frothy white water all over and smell the liberating salty air, everyday just sitting inside my cage. I can even get out once a while to stretch myself, to get the cards, of course for those curious tourists who want to check their future.

                Lo! Here comes another group and hurray!!!  time to get out. So, now what... OK, Master wants me to pick a card for this small boy here. Oh!! look at him.. SO naughty!!! .. Is he a monkey or what, jumping and running around? Can't he just stay still for a moment!  Hmm..wait.... What card should i pick for him... not this .. not this too... hm-mm.... 
  Ah, let him have this card. Oh God! Really Wish it would tell his future..

Hmm..good.. it seems master has got a whiff of this monkey boy's future. Let me move around a bit while he reads it.

W ha!!! what is this boy trying to do to me... He wants to touch me.. oh no!.. he wants to pull my wings.. Go Away !! No No!!! Bad Boy.. Oh Boy! Why are you trying to poke my eyes?? ..Oh..k.. oh..k.. this is fine.. he is just caressing me.. its really feeling good now.. Oh WOW!  he is just offered me a piece of Channa.. Ya give give !! Thank you soo much.... 

Ooh!! Ouch !!its a bit hot ... will hold it with my feet and eat.. Hmm...yum..mm.. Yummy...!!! I like it and I like the boy. Think he is not bad after all... 

Monday, 11 November 2013

The AD Effect !!

- An Exemplar of the Influence of Ads on Human Minds....

Abi and Me watching TV, when a series of jewellery ads come one after the other.There were about 4 or 5 ads in all.

FYI both mom and kid like to play a game ( with the jewellery ads) of guessing the brand before they say the name.

Game results and comments

Ad 1 :-   Abi wins. Abi liked all the jewellery except the bangles ..
Ad 2 :-   Me guessed right but Abi wins. No Bad comments at least..
Ad 3 :-  Abi wins.. i try to argue with him.. that i too was correct ..Sigh!! Master did not like the ad ..The ad seemed a bit substandard for me too..
Ad 4:-   Again Abi wins ..this time even before the ad starts !!!  No point in me arguing so kept quiet..This one was an ad endorsed by his favorite macho hero.. so i stood no chance...

I with all the crookedness to catch my kid offgaurd and test him on his motherly affections:- Baby.. come on tell me, when you grow up.. what jewellery will you buy me from which store..?

Abi:- I will buy you a diamond mamma..(NO jewellery only the stone...  :P )

Me prompting him with options:- what jewellery my dear.. (bangle, necklace, earrings..) and From which store.. (store1, store2, store3, store 4)

Abi:- ONLY the STONE mamma.. a BIG one ..(Then without a second thought on the store!!!) NOT from store 3 anyways.. its not good... MAY be from store 4 (:P)                                                            
  An epilogue 

After a round of scolding from me at night,
Abi to Me :- I am NOT going to buy you ANYTHING from ANY STORE..
" For all my chicanery.... Simply Caught OFFGaurd !!! :(  "