Monday, 12 February 2018

The Happy Cheeks

              The Happy Cheeks

They tend to glow of ecstasy !
To have got streak- ridden finally ;

To have seen the broad daylight,
When hopes were none so murky bright.
Getting to bathe, in the warm sunlight ;
And breathe in, as much as air it might ;

Flaunting it's tanfree self with pride ;
Glowing and shining in all delight.
Reminding it did exist after all ;
Beneath the streaks to be found by all.

They tend to glow of ecstasy,
To have got streak- ridden finally!

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Song of a Mother

- to both my kids

Wish the time stand still for me,
Like it used to be when young;

Not to win a single day,
Of Nostalgic old memories.
Nor for fear of growing grey,
Or for that of the mystic black.
Never again for a cup of tea,
With time forgotten kith or kin.

But to get a moment more,
With you my child just as you are;

Not a moment older or,
Not a moment younger.
To take in more and more of you,
Watch and sense the most of you.
To be with you dear all the time,
Just as precious as you are.

Wish the time stand still for me,
Just to watch you as you are !!

A Fan girl's Misery

A fan girl's Misery

As the aura shines so bright,
Addicted to you , your thoughts and words;
The trained mind calls against,
The heart doesn't want to though;

Fascinating as that you are,
Long to spend some time with you;
Knowing for sure , that words would fail,
Making complete fool of self;

Miserable is a fan girl's mind!
So Overwhelmed but short of words;
If at all I see you once,
I can just smile and greet:

The trained mind would just be happy,
To see me thus with modesty;
But the heart would still be flying around,
To blabber a million unsaid things.

All I can do is wish you well, cheer you well,
Hug u , well in dreams ;
And sure be excited for all your works,
And see you spread your wings !

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

From The Diary of a Fortune Teller

- An Excerpt from the life of Kamakshi - A Fortune Telling Parrot

Ah... aah... (Yawn)...So Boring !!!
                  How good it would have been to just fly over those mighty gushing waves!!.. taking in all the blue beneath!!! Sigh ...!!! 

OK. No regrets... I can at least see the deep blue sea, with the waves roaring and crashing against the big rocks, sprinkling frothy white water all over and smell the liberating salty air, everyday just sitting inside my cage. I can even get out once a while to stretch myself, to get the cards, of course for those curious tourists who want to check their future.

                Lo! Here comes another group and hurray!!!  time to get out. So, now what... OK, Master wants me to pick a card for this small boy here. Oh!! look at him.. SO naughty!!! .. Is he a monkey or what, jumping and running around? Can't he just stay still for a moment!  Hmm..wait.... What card should i pick for him... not this .. not this too... hm-mm.... 
  Ah, let him have this card. Oh God! Really Wish it would tell his future..

Hmm..good.. it seems master has got a whiff of this monkey boy's future. Let me move around a bit while he reads it.

W ha!!! what is this boy trying to do to me... He wants to touch me.. oh no!.. he wants to pull my wings.. Go Away !! No No!!! Bad Boy.. Oh Boy! Why are you trying to poke my eyes?? ..Oh..k.. oh..k.. this is fine.. he is just caressing me.. its really feeling good now.. Oh WOW!  he is just offered me a piece of Channa.. Ya give give !! Thank you soo much.... 

Ooh!! Ouch !!its a bit hot ... will hold it with my feet and eat.. Yummy...!!! I like it and I like the boy. Think he is not bad after all... 

Monday, 11 November 2013

The AD Effect !!

- An Exemplar of the Influence of Ads on Human Minds....

Abi and Me watching TV, when a series of jewellery ads come one after the other.There were about 4 or 5 ads in all.

FYI both mom and kid like to play a game ( with the jewellery ads) of guessing the brand before they say the name.

Game results and comments

Ad 1 :-   Abi wins. Abi liked all the jewellery except the bangles ..
Ad 2 :-   Me guessed right but Abi wins. No Bad comments at least..
Ad 3 :-  Abi wins.. i try to argue with him.. that i too was correct ..Sigh!! Master did not like the ad ..The ad seemed a bit substandard for me too..
Ad 4:-   Again Abi wins ..this time even before the ad starts !!!  No point in me arguing so kept quiet..This one was an ad endorsed by his favorite macho hero.. so i stood no chance...

I with all the crookedness to catch my kid offgaurd and test him on his motherly affections:- Baby.. come on tell me, when you grow up.. what jewellery will you buy me from which store..?

Abi:- I will buy you a diamond mamma..(NO jewellery only the stone...  :P )

Me prompting him with options:- what jewellery my dear.. (bangle, necklace, earrings..) and From which store.. (store1, store2, store3, store 4)

Abi:- ONLY the STONE mamma.. a BIG one ..(Then without a second thought on the store!!!) NOT from store 3 anyways.. its not good... MAY be from store 4 (:P)                                                            
  An epilogue 

After a round of scolding from me at night,
Abi to Me :- I am NOT going to buy you ANYTHING from ANY STORE..
" For all my chicanery.... Simply Caught OFFGaurd !!! :(  "

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

An Ode to an Agraharam Life.

         "Tradition is the Illusion of Permanence."-Woody Allen 

 There was this news which I came across recently, which is also the source of inspiration for this writing- “Some unknown Land Mafia Encroaching the Agraharams around the Fort Area”. The news said, these streets are part of Travancore heritage. Yes, they definitely are, with stories revolving around even TipuSultan, when he came to conquer Travancore. But for me, they are even more. They are more like a link to my past, and my own childhood which is not very far behind.

Looking back to those days, the first thing which comes to my mind is a vague memory of my grandparents waking up, at the wee hours of around 3:00 AM, with the tingling of the temple bells and M.S Subbalakshmi’s Venkateswara Suprabhatham in the background. My Grandfather was a disciplinarian who did his daily activities with time precision. 4:00 AM was his time to go to the temple and the whole family had to be awake by the time he leaves. Anyways I was an exception with all privileges of an only granddaughter in the family until then, and I was only 4 or 5.I could sleep until my uncle would start pinching and irritating me trying to wake me up by 8:00 AM :):). I don’t remember getting ready to school at all, as I used to do that half sleeping, all credits to my dear grandmother :)

This is a very sweet memory that I hold on to strongly. The house itself was a double storeyed narrow, tiled house. You could go one room after another in a perfect straight line which ended up in the backyard where the bathrooms were. There was no front yard or gate. Once you stepped out of your house, you would land on the main road. But there was no fear of any vehicles back then. And we children used to play in the streets. The biggest vehicle you could find was a scooter. Of course there was a doctor in the street who had a car. But that was it. The street itself was lined up on both the sides with similar houses all along flaunting a decorative beautiful kolam drawn with rice flour on the door fronts.

There was nothing like big privacy in them. Often we could hear raised voices from the adjacent houses. But did they matter? I guess people didn’t bother much as they had a kind of extended family feeling amongst them. Everybody knew everyone else’s relatives and friends. Even I had a lot of my relatives around in the adjacent streets. 

Come any festival or any auspicious day, all of them would gather at our house and there would be lot of group cooking and eating activities. Bear in mind there was not much space as we have now in our big houses and yet there was so much joy, contend and happiness. 

Pongal was always spirited with unannounced competition among the ladies to make the most beautiful, colourful, and complicated kolams in front of their doorsteps (on the road: P). Aromas of sharkara pongal and other delicacies accentuating the mood…Navarathri also was celebrated with a similar spirit right from the setting up of golu, and mutual exchange of goodies and homemade delicacies on all the nine days. In short there was this sense of joy, togetherness, love and compassion bonded by strictly religious and pious traditions. It was a certain mode of life of a community.

Today, when I go back to the area, I see lot of known faces all withered up. Most of the fresh ones have long gone and settled in far and foreign places. The withered ones still hold on to these rich and pious traditions. But the colour which should have been bought by the young and the youth are long gone. Most of the people including me, are busy, having no time for personal life let alone community or social life. This I feel has made people a lot self – centred. A totally new flat culture is on the boom, bringing with it a new kind of culture and life style.

It pains me more still, as I recently lost couple of my relatives from there which put me thinking, some 20 years or so down the line... with most of my kith and kin scattered across the world…I am afraid, I will be alone.. longing for all those dear ones who had raised me, cared for me, loved me and looked after me. And as I read the news article, if the agraharams are also wiped out…, it strikes me off guard, that there would be nothing left for me… to boast of my childhood and all the loving memories that I have painted with these streets as a background.

The canvas itself will be empty…!!! Moreover whether it’s mine or not, is it not a tradition or culture being wiped out slowly……….????

Monday, 12 August 2013

Salim- owner of Salim’s store

 “Life isn't fair. It's just fairer than death, that's all.”
William Goodman

                It’s just been two years, that I became a regular at Salim’s store. Though I have been married for nine years and staying in the locality ever since, I had other regular stores earlier. It was my husband who first mentioned this store and ever since it has been a gradual process of growing trust until now, to the extremity that almost all of my return trips from my office included a stop at Salim’s store. Unintentionally it had become a routine in my life.

 It had all the things I needed, the ones I had forgotten to buy from the margin free store, milk, magazines, provisions and what not.... And behind all that was the main entity of the store-Salim, a very hard working, and charming, well behaved and smart person. I remember my son, once noticing that Salim uncle is very quick in doing things.

 It was only couple of weeks back that I found that this guy with a small store owned an Octavia!! I was really impressed now and asked about it to my husband. I got more information that apart from the store, he also did other franchise jobs, even was a newspaper boy in the area, and owned some land here and there which he had brought and was constructing a 2500 sq. house!! Wow!! He was definitely not the kind of person I had assumed him to be. I remembered he was blessed with a child recently and felt really happy for such a nice diligent person. Such be it, he had become a sort of day-to-day person in my life.

It’s Ramzan... And today as I go back home in an auto, I have my little things to buy as always, and my naturally programmed brain tells me to stop by Salim’s store.

 But then, with a stabbing pain and helplessness, I remind myself for the umpteenth time, that the shop will be closed today ….  For how long I don’t know …as today ….Salim the owner of Salim’s store is NO MORE in this world…. He expired today early morning all of a sudden, due to a fall in the bathroom, caused by high BP they say..!!!!!!

LIFE really is UNFAIR and truly unpredictable….!!!

When I say that… I am not thinking of his young wife...his baby... his mother…his family or all of his unaccomplished dreams…but yet I am in a state of shock!!! Finding it hard to accept the small, simple, fact- that I will NOT see this man again in that store anymore!!  When I stop by the store someday to buy something…..