Monday, 22 July 2013

Fragrance of Life

My Life- My Existence

A thought struck me today!!!!-“What am I doing in this world!!!!!”-  Phew!! Even I feel disappointed that I am so philosophical. But pondering over the thought:-

As a mother I have  a very straight answer to this thought- I am raising my child :P  With that said, actually there is no time for such thoughts having tits and bits of work, complaints, 1000 questions to answer and if you are one of those working mothers.. Lo! You lead a life of a juggler not allowing any of the balls to fall down. But looking around, I see all the living beings doing exactly the same thing raising their kids, though not in a way that we do. We as highly civilized mortal beings are off late highly governed or overly influenced by a lot of social norms. As according to the rule, it being more complex being an Indian, we go to school, try to get the highest educational accolades, try for the best job around, find a partner (or agree to be in a relationship with a person chosen by our parents), fend for our livelihood, have a child or two, raise them again as per the social norms, see them getting settled and then what!! We die…. This is a kind of general outline of an average middleclass Indian. Is there anything else/more to life??

You may laugh at the thought of me getting an answer to this question and time and again lot of very great philosophers have died trying to find this. You are absolutely right. This is a question which I don’t have the answer for. But thinking on I fell upon the following points:-

  • I can/should add more colour to my life by doing things that I love/enjoy to do.
  • I can definitely make a meaningful purpose to my life by trying to raise my child in a good /appropriate way that, someday ( our civilized) society benefit from him.
  • And if possible I can still add some value to my life by making myself useful to the people around me.

So that as I rot, I can at least give a big Sigh!! And say that I did whatever I loved to do and was helpful to at least couple of people around me. Above all I was able to contribute one better person to the society and my very existence did not go in total vain... :)

Good fragrances leave good imprints....and may God help me leave mine.....

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